Want to give your patio the attention it deserves? Are you bored with a gray concrete paver patio that doesn’t offer the “wow” effect you want? Do you have a flagstone patio that’s looking dull and colorless? Are you bothered by a stained concrete patio with small cracks and unsightly spots? A stained cement patio can be the answer to all of these problems.
Concrete staining is a cost-effective way to resurface existing concrete. Staining a new concrete patio can also give concrete a sophisticated and natural look that mimics the look of tanned leather, stone, or wood. Our Austin, TX concrete patio staining contractors can even stain concrete pavers, flagstone, and more to completely transform your backyard.
We can install any type of concrete patio. Call us today to request a free estimate on a stained concrete patio in Austin, Texas.
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    Stained Concrete Solutions
    Concrete stains are a versatile option that can be used on new and old concrete and a wide variety of other types of patio materials.
    • New concrete slabs
    • Aging concrete patios
    • Flagstone patios
    • Stamped concrete patios
    • Concrete walkways and pool decks
    • Concrete pavers, including sealed integral colored
    Stained Concrete Patio

    Services in Austin, TX

    Ready to achieve the backyard of your dreams? We offer several ways to get a beautiful stained concrete patio whether you have a tired and worn-out concrete slab, you’re pouring new concrete, or you have a flagstone or paver patio.
    Austin Concrete Staining

    New Stained Concrete

    Ready to expand your outdoor living space with a new concrete patio? You don’t need to settle for boring gray concrete. A stained concrete patio delivers permanent, beautiful color that can range from mottled and variegated natural hues to rich, deep color. A stained cement patio in Austin, TX is a smart investment that gives your backyard an elegant look and can help boost your home’s value. Staining a new concrete patio in Austin can be done with integral color (all the way through the concrete) or with a combination of water-based and acid-based stains to get the look you want
    Stained Concrete Driveway

    Resurfacing Old Concrete

    Tired of looking at your discolored, gray, old concrete patio? Our concrete patio staining contractors in Austin, TX can help. We can acid stain an old concrete patio to give it a beautiful new look. An acid stain is one of the most affordable ways to resurface aging concrete and it can produce dramatic results. Staining leaves a luxurious and rich color that infuses your concrete with translucent tones to mimic leather, natural stone, stained wood, and more.