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Concrete Lot Construction

If you are looking to create a parking space for your business, you might have already seen asphalt options. The problem with asphalt is that it can get incredibly hot, use more energy to light up at night and not to mention, asphalt is a material that leaves much to be desired in terms of appearance. 

We have found that the perfect material to use for parking lots in Austin is concrete. With freeze and thaw cycles being nearly non-existent in Austin, there are basically no hazards that concrete will face, only age. This makes concrete parking lots a long-lasting and attractive option and you can find out what our team can do for you down below!

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    Concrete Parking Lot Installation Austin

    The Process Of Concrete Parking Lot Installation

    When you are looking for a concrete contractor to pour your concrete parking lot, you want a team with experience. Our team has years of experience working with concrete so you can count on us to get your concrete pouring project done without a hitch. With the use of professional equipment and only the best materials for our commercial and industrial clients, we will work hard every day to offer only the best finished product. Want to see how the pros pour concrete? Well down below, you will find a step by step to how our team pours concrete.
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    Subgrade Preparation

    The start of any concrete parking lot installation begins with the preparation of the soils that will be supporting the parking space. The first step of preparation is the compacting of the soil, which is most commonly performed with the use of drum rollers. A typical subgrade specification requires compaction to be greater than at least 95% of the maximum dry density of the soil. After steps have been taken to ensure the soils are properly compacted, we start laying forms to outline the parking lot, curved areas and isolated areas like manhole covers and utility areas.
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    Now that the site has been properly prepared and concrete mixes have been talked over with you, now is finally the time where we start the installation of the concrete. For parking lots, the concrete is delivered in ready-mix trucks to eliminate the need to place water into the mix on the job site, decreasing the amount of labor and time it will take to install the concrete. The concrete is placed from the truck and immediately worked to ensure its level and with vibrating screeds to ensure no air bubbles are present.
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    After the concrete has been poured, leveled and screed, we wait to make sure that there is no bleed water remaining, we begin drying the surface with burlap or a broom to provide a texture for the fresh concrete. We will never overwork the finished concrete as this can cause scaling. After the drying and texturing process of the parking lot has been completed, we use a white pigmented curing agent to coat the surface of the slab and any exposed edges to reduce water evaporation to keep the concrete strong and eliminate shrinkage.
    From Parking Lot Installation To Repair
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    Parking Lot Repair

    A few of the most common problems that concrete has to face comes from the traffic it receives, an unprotected surface and the natural plague of concrete, cracks. We recommend that the concrete be protected by a commercial-grade sealer 3 weeks after application and be resealed every 2-3 years to keep its surface free of stains and protected by harsh chemicals that cars leak. We also offer the service of concrete patching for potholes, gouges, and cracks, keeping the concretes structural integrity intact. To see if your concrete can be saved, give us a call today!

    Decorative Options

    Just because you choose a concrete parking lot doesn’t mean that you have to deal with a boring, gray or dull finish. While many business owners choose to leave the concrete bare for maintenance reasons, there are dozens of ways that you can implement beauty into your parking lot without much more maintenance. There are options like stamped concrete finishes that can mimic the appearance of materials like wood, pavers, and stone, stains or dyes can be used on the concrete to give the parking lot color and decorative aggregates can be placed in the mix prior to installation.

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