Patio pavers are one of the most versatile building materials available. From custom paver patios and walkways to pool decks, there are no limits to the outdoor landscape you can achieve with pavers. Our paver patio contractors in Austin, TX have decades of experience installing and repairing patio pavers to deliver a custom patio that exceeds your expectations.
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    Options in Austin, TX

    How do you see your new patio or outdoor landscape? Do you envision a classic brick paver patio or a more natural and rustic bluestone patio? One of the first steps in paver patio installation in Austin, TX is choosing the right type of patio pavers and how they will be installed.
    Brick Paver Patio

    Brick Patio Pavers

    Brick pavers create a timeless and traditional look that can complement almost any home. While brick patio pavers are more expensive than concrete and have far more limits in terms of color, they are the perfect choice for a brick or traditional home. Like stone, brick patios can also last a lifetime.
    Concrete Patio Pavers

    Concrete Patio Pavers

    Concrete pavers are an economical and durable option. Concrete patio pavers in Austin, TX are available in a huge array of textures and colors because they are stained and imprinted during the manufacturing process. While concrete pavers don’t last as long as brick, they can still last decades.
    Flagstone Patio Pavers

    Flagstone Patio Pavers

    Love the look of natural stone? Flagstone pavers are the perfect complement to your landscape for a sophisticated outdoor living space that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. Flagstone patio pavers come in an array of colors, sizes, and styles like slate, travertine, and bluestone.
    Raised Paver Patio

    Raised Paver Patio

    An elevated patio is the perfect place for entertaining guests without worrying about the patio getting flooded by heavy rain or soiled by kicked dirt. Raised paver patios are also great at defining space and maintaining a separation between the lawn and the entertaining area.
    Pavers Over Concrete Patio

    Pavers Over Concrete Patio

    Do you have an existing concrete patio that isn’t quite what you’re looking for? You don’t need to have it torn out to give your backyard the upgrade it deserves. Our paver patio contractors can install pavers over a concrete patio. We can even extend a patio with pavers to expand your space.

    Common Applications for Patio Pavers

    Outdoor patio pavers have many applications beyond building a paver patio. We can transform your entire backyard and use patio pavers to add functional and attractive hardscape that complements your landscaping and adds valuable outdoor living space to your property. Here are some of the most popular uses for brick, concrete, and stone patio pavers.
    • Steps. Wood steps leading to your house will rot eventually and require a lot of maintenance. .
    • Fire pits and fireplaces. Add a fireplace or backyard fire pit with beautiful stone patio pavers for the perfect place to unwind.
    • Seating walls. We can build a seating wall with built-in columns that sets off your patio pavers and gives the sense of an enclosure.
    • Pergola stone bases. We can build coordinating columns or stone bases to support a pergola over your paver patio.
    • Paver patios. What better way to expand your outdoor living space than with a beautiful, elegant paver patio?
    • Walkways. Patio pavers are the perfect choice for walkways and paths on your property to complement your paver patio.
    Stone Patio Pavers
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    Why Choose

    Patio Pavers?

    Austin homeowners have many reasons for choosing patio pavers for home improvement projects.Patio pavers are a perfect building material thanks to their versatility, charm, and durability.
    Here’s why patio pavers are the best choice for building or upgrading your backyard patio.
    • Naturally slip-resistant. Stone patio pavers naturally have a slip-resistant texture while brick and concrete patio pavers can also be made with a rougher texture.
    • Comfortable underfoot. While rough enough to provide grip when wet, patio pavers still feel great under bare feet
    • Resists mildew and mold. Stone patio pavers around pools and areas that are shaded and damp will resist mold and mildew growth for a clean appearance that’s easy to maintain.
    • Long-lasting. Brick and stone patio pavers can easily last decades or even a lifetime with very little care.
    • Easy to repair. Paver patio repair is as easy as removing and replacing cracked or damaged pavers.
    • Boost your home value. Patio pavers are always in high demand and add elegance and style to your home. Installing stone patio pavers can also increase your home’s value.
    • Endless design options. We make it easy to customize your patio or walkway with endless options in terms of pattern, shape, texture, and color. We install round patios, curved patios, integrated seating, and more with patio pavers. You can also choose the material and color to get the look you want and pick from dozens of patterns like herringbone, European fan, and running bond.
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