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When it comes to the pouring of new concrete, you want to make sure you have a team that is equipped to handle your project and has the experience to make sure it is done right. Our team here at Concrete Patio Austin is ready to take on any size project you may have, from new concrete parking lots to a new patio for your home.
We use state of the art technology and only the highest quality materials to ensure that your concrete is the best it can possibly be. Want to know about our pouring services? You can find everything that you need to know down below!
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    What We Can Pour

    Our team of professional concrete contractors have years of experience when it comes to installing fresh concrete. We have installed full concrete parking lots all the way down to the simple concrete walkway so no matter how big or how small your project may be, our team is willing and able to provide the best finished product possible! Don’t leave the pouring of your concrete in the hands of just any contractor, trust our solid reputation! Ready to see what our team can do for you? You will find our most popular concrete pouring services and how we do it down below!


    The first step of the process is to lay out the foundation by determining the depth you wish to go, identify any gas or water lines and excavate the area you will be laying the foundation. Rebar footings are put in place and the first layer of up to 20 inches of concrete is poured and smoothed over. The foundation walls are then formed and poured before a layer of gravel is placed in the hole and covered with a vapor barrier where another layer of concrete is placed, anchors are set and the foundation begins to cure!


    Sidewalks are one of the most common concrete pouring projects we perform and are also one of the simplest. It requires the compacting of the soils, marking to identify where to place the forms, and pouring the concrete from the lowest point of the sidewalk, working our way up. After the concrete has been poured, it is leveled using a 2×4 and a long-handled trowel. Finishes touches are placed like expansion joints, rounded edges and the broom finish are added after the concrete sets up.