Flagstone is a type of sandstone used for paving with a flat slab that’s usually rectangular or square. As the sedimentary rock forms over time, layers are forced together to create a dense mass. When this formation of rock is split into thin sheets, it’s called flagstone. In Austin, flagstone is a popular choice for patios, pool decks, walkways and more thanks to its strength, natural look, and rich color.
Considering an update for your backyard space? Here’s why flagstone patio installation in Austin, TX makes a great investment. We can install any type of concrete patio or flagstone patio: call today to request an estimate.
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    Benefits of Patio

    Flagstone Installation

    There’s a lot to like about a flagstone patio. It offers an organic appearance to seamlessly blend your landscaping, outdoor living space, and indoor living space. Flagstone patio pavers also make it easy to customize the look and feel of your patio. Along with choosing the color and type of flagstone patio pavers, you can also choose the installation pattern and even combine flagstone with brick for an elegant brick and flagstone patio. A flagstone patio in Austin, TX offers a highly durable patio that can last decades with a naturally slip-resistant surface that’s perfect for pool decks, patios, and walkways year-round.
    Flagstone Walkways Paths And Patios

    Flagstone Walkways and Paths

    Flagstone isn’t just for patios. We install flagstone walkways, paths, and patios to complement your landscape and expand your living space. If you have an existing flagstone patio, matching paths and walkways through your backyard are the perfect way to highlight the care that went into designing your backyard. Flagstone walkways are just as durable and attractive as flagstone patios with the ability to last decades with virtually no maintenance.
    Flagstone Patio on Concrete

    Flagstone Patio on Concrete

    Do you have an existing concrete patio that just isn’t quite doing it for you? Achieving the classic look of a natural flagstone patio in Austin, TX doesn’t require replacing your concrete slab: building a flagstone patio on your existing concrete is possible. Flagstone patio pavers can be installed on your concrete slab by ensuring the concrete is in good shape before applying mortar that holds the flagstone in place. Once the mortar is set and the flagstones are placed, the joints can be filled with sand or grout.
    Extend Concrete Patio With Flagstone

    Extend Concrete Patio with Flagstone

    Do you have an existing patio that’s undersized or just underwhelming? We can easily extend your concrete patio while upgrading its appearance with flagstone. We can install a flagstone patio over a concrete slab and beyond to enlarge your patio size. A sand bed will be created under the areas where your patio will be extended and flagstone pavers will be installed traditionally over the sand bed. This approach gives you a brand-new, larger flagstone patio in any shape and size you want.
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    Flagstone Patio Installation

    Flagstone Patio Design Options

    You can choose from slate, sandstone, and limestone in a huge array of colors for a light or dark flagstone patio. There are also a wide range of design options thanks to the larger size of flagstone pavers over brick. Some people appreciate an irregular flagstone pattern with no straight edges or corners for a rustic look while others prefer an formal design such as running bond pattern. A random rectangular pattern is also popular, combining a mix of rectangular and square flagstone sizes. The European pattern uses flagstones of different widths stacked on top of each other similar to the running bond but with varying sizes.
    Stamped Concrete Flagstone Patio

    Stamped Concrete Flagstone Patio

    Love the look of a flagstone patio but hate the cost? A stamped concrete flagstone patio in Austin, TX gives you the look and feel of flagstone at a fraction of the cost. Stamped concrete is the same as regular concrete except it’s stamped before it fully sets to leave the realistic texture and imprint of flagstone. We combine this stamping technique with stains and integral color to very closely mimic the look of slate, bluestone, or limestone. A stamped concrete flagstone patio looks virtually the same as real flagstone yet costs about half as much and lasts decades. In fact, the cost of stamped concrete is not much more than regular poured concrete.
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