Concrete Garage Floors

Sometimes we see a crack but don’t think about it once we walk out of our garage. Later on, that crack has grown so ugly and inconvenient that we cannot ignore the issue. Other issues like isolated damages and issues with the concrete wearing down can take a toll on the overall look and functionality of your garage floor. Our team will repair and/or replace your concrete garage floor if it is lacking in any way!

If you need an update, need a repair, or need concrete replacement, we are here to ensure the process is completed professionally and thoroughly.

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    Concrete Contractors Austin Why You Should Use Concrete

    Common Garage Floor Damages

    Many different scenarios can play out with your garage floor. Seeing as the area is under constant exposure and use, the concrete is bound to need a repair or a replacement. The key to long-term benefits is hiring a professional concrete contractor who has perfected their concrete craft! That is where we come in.


    Cracks aren’t always a function issue and can sometimes be an aesthetically distracting issue. These types of cracks can be covers with concrete coverings or decoration; however, when cracks become deep and grow beyond a surface-level problem, foundation issues may arise. Cracks occur when the ground undergoes constant freeze and thaw, heavy loads, dropped items, etc. Our professionals can fill cracks if the issue is contained in its early stages, so don’t wait to call.


    When a professional concrete contractor is not called the first time to install and pour a concrete garage floor pitting is inevitable. This type of damage is a result of a poor resurfacing project, a poor concrete mixture, a surface that is being constantly exposed to saltwater without the proper coatings required for protection, or a low-quality finishing job. All of the aforementioned possibilities directly stem from not calling our professional concrete contractors.