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A Guide To Concrete Walkways

If you still have dirt or gravel walkways, you are missing out on a design element that can transform the curb appeal of your home or business. The material that has been used for centuries for walkways is still the best option you have when it comes to making a new walkway, concrete.
Concrete can create a definitive and visible pathway into your home or business and can last upwards of 30 years when properly installed. Not to mention, concretes natural texture can provide ample slip and skid resistance with a simple broom finish, making your pathway safe and easy to walk on when wet or soiled. Down below, we are going to be giving you an in-depth guide on how we install concrete walkways!
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    The Process Of Concrete Walkway Installation

    We know that not everyone has the experience working with concrete that we do and concrete installation may be a foreign process to you. Well, it is a process that is both simplistic and efficient to a contractor with experience but to make sure YOU know exactly what we are doing in your home or business, we are going to be going over what we do to ensure that your walkway stands the test of time with as little discrepancies as possible. Down below, you will find the precise steps our team takes to install concrete walkways in both commercial and residential settings.

    Preparing The Ground

    The first step in any concrete installation project is the preparation of the supporting soils. To begin, we remove up to 2 inches of topsoil and apply a strong weed killer to keep the foundation of your concrete pure and stable. After the topsoil has been removed, we compact the dirt that remains so the ground is flat and then lay a layer of gravel that is 4 inches thick that is flattened out and tamped, creating a strong base and a level finish for the walkway.

    Pouring The Concrete

    Before we begin to pour the concrete, we start by laying the forms for the walkway. This is done with wooden stakes and 1x4s just outside the planned area. We make sure the stakes are plumb with the forms to make the smoothing process easier and check to make sure the form is the desired height of the walkway. We start the concrete pour at the lowest point of the walkway and smooth as we go, making sure the concrete is level with the forms.